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Whether you run a new car dealership, operate a buy-here-pay-here business, or have a traditional used car location, we can uniquely customize our Reward to Retain customer loyalty program to fit your particular automotive sales business model. While we know that your ultimate goal is to turn your one-time-vehicle-buying shoppers into repeat, long-term, and referring customers, we also realize that your operation may offer a variety of different aftermarket products, after-purchase services, and seasonal specials that other dealerships do not. As a result, the Reward to Retain customer loyalty program we develop for you will be highly-customized to most effectively appeal to your specific client demographics and to promote your particular products and services.

Some of the many ways we can customize how and when you offer your customers their "cash back"; reward-to-retain points include when they:

  • purchase a new vehicle
  • purchase their first vehicle
  • purchase last year's model
  • lease a vehicle
  • purchase a high-end vehicle
  • return to your dealership's service department for their vehicle's regular maintenance
  • refer a friend or family member
  • purchase after-market products or parts from your dealership
  • have their vehicle detailed at your shop
  • write a review about their experience with your dealership
  • choose your dealership's finance company (BHPH)
  • make payments on time (BHPH)
  • make additional payments (BHPH)
  • pay off their vehicle early
  • upgrade to a newer vehicle
  • download your dealership's app
  • sign up for your company's newsletter
  • attend your special/seasonal events
  • and more!

The possibilities for not only when your loyal customers will be rewarded points and how many points they can earn per action, but also how they can redeem those accumulated points toward future purchases and services at your dealership is limitless. Keeping your customers excited, engaged, and ever-loyal requires a strategic marketing plan that has a phenomenal Reward-to-Retain program as its foundation. We specialize in setting up, customizing, launching, and updating/tweaking your Reward to Retain program.

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State-of-the-art, highly-customizable customer loyalty program. Dealer Rewards Solution is designed specifically for the automotive dealership industry with the goal to build loyalty through custom rewards programs catered to each dealership’s unique customers.

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