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Auto Dealers: Paying for Marketing Pays Off

Ananth Godavari 8th Nov 2016

Thanks to the auto industry investing in more digital advertising programs and marketing initiatives than ever before, the success of 21st century, digital-friendly customer loyalty rewards programs at forward-thinking dealerships across the country, and the launch of tons of head-turning new vehicles this year, America’s auto industry is continuing to experience an increase in domestic automotive sales.

Building Dealership Loyalty: The Secret to Success

Ananth Godavari 26th Sep 2016

Creating a loyal customer base is an achievable goal at your dealership. A loyal following is vital to ensure that you have repeat customers who are willing to give referrals and spread positive word of mouth in the community. Auto dealers have a tricky task, considering that most customers only purchase cars every several years. A recent survey from Auto/Mate Dealership Systems revealed essential information about how dealerships build customer loyalty.

3 Ways to Turn 1st Time Customers into Repeat Buyers

Ananth Godavari 31st Aug 2016

Creating a truly successful, profit-generating, and reputable dealership in your community requires more than selling one vehicle at a time.  While having your sales team consistently hit (and surpass) their quotas each month is certainly an integral component to longevity in the marketplace, it’s critical your dealership builds long-term relationships with each and every customer ~ transforming 1st time buyers at your dealership into loyal, referring car buyers.  This feat is doable ~ but it demands purposeful planning and consistent action.

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